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Project Description
This is a small set of libraries that allow you to create, read, and write MediaRSS files.

By leveraging the syndication model object in .NET this library provides and easy way to consume MediaRSS files but creating a custom SyndicationFeed derived type.

Simple usage looks like this:

var reader = XmlReader.Create("SampleMedia.rss");
var feed = SyndicationFeed.Load<MediaRssFeed>(reader);

Media RSS is specification originally developed by Yahoo for describing rich media content for us in their search engine. It has since been adopted by the community at large and has now been taken over by the Rss Advisory board

The current spec under review by the Rss Advisory board (and what this library is based off of) can be found here: version 1.5.1

The Official spec from Yahoo can be found here: version 1.5.0

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